Registration Date: Up to 1/31 • Half Marathon Registration Fee: $90. 10K Registration Fee: $60. 5K : $40  Beer Mile : $35

Registration Date: 2/1 - 4/30 • Half Marathon Registration Fee: $95. 10K Registration Fee: $65. 5K : $42  Beer Mile : $32

Registration Date: 5/1 - 7/31 • Half Marathon Registration Fee: $100. 10K Registration Fee: $67. 5K : $45 Beer Mile :$35 

Registration Date: 8/1 - 9/30 • Half Marathon Registration Fee: $105. 10K Registration Fee: $70 5K : $50 Beer Mile :$38 

Registration Date: 10/1 - 11/15 • Half Marathon Registration Fee: $110. 10K Registration Fee: $73. 5K : $52 Beer Mile :$40

Registration Date: 11/16 - 12/1 • Half Marathon Registration Fee: $115. 10K Registration Fee: $75. 5K : $55 Beer Mile $42

Registration Date: 12/1 - Race Day • Half Marathon Registration Fee: $120. 10K Registration Fee: $80. 5K : $60Beer Mile :$45


The two areas to park for the race is at the start location at Mile Marker 80.2 on the Bayside as well as the Island Christian School located at 83400 Overseas Hwy (Mile Marker 83.4).  We will have parking attendants at both locations directing vehicles.  Please note that if you see our attendants guiding you into Island Christian School, FOLLOW them.  It is most likely due to the main lot being full.  We will have shuttles ready to transport runners to the start beginning at 5:30 am. 


We will have a bag check available to all runners. You can pick up your belongings after the race. Just be sure to leave enough time to drop everything off!


Information Coming Soon! 

H20 & Electrolytes

The course will be stocked with 10 water stops and two of them will have Gatorade. We have added two additional water stops to our course for 2019. 


We’ll have plenty of post race food and beverages for people to enjoy.  Many standard items such as fruit, water and other snacks will all be included when you finish.  First beer or alcohol beverage is on us.  The Islander Resort will also serve many other items throughout their property that you will be able to enjoy while your celebrating your fantastic finish.


We put the “shhh.....” in “schwag”.  Well, not really.  Awesome beach towel, awesome medal, awesome hat, awesome drinks (first one on us), awesome music and awesome awesomeness.  Plus more!


A medical team will be onsite for any hiccups that happen. 13.1 miles is a long way, so train well and listen to your body on race day, please!


We will have killer prizes for the top 3 finishers for male/female in the half marathon and great awards for the top 3 finishers of the 10K.  In addition, we will have prizes for those who place top 3 in their age groups for both races.  All prizes will be available onsite to pick up right at our award table (we do not mail prizes home).  Please note we will not have an award ceremony.  We feel those are boring and hurt the post-race party atmosphere.  After all, you’re in the Florida Keys and will have just completed an awesome event.  We feel it would be wrong of us to pause the celebration


Sunday 12/6/2020